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About Guardian CoronaCidal Shield

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FDA Approval

Our original FDA-monitored orphan product was developed over two decades in clinical trials, and is now modified for the protection of the nose and sinuses of the upper respiratory tract.

Our Reasoning

The development of Guardian CoronaCidal Shield stemmed from the three following facts:

  1. Two of the published guidelines encourage a defensive approach as early as possible whenever there is any sign of violation of one’s space and the release of diverse viral airborne particles.
  2. Social distancing and protective equipment are the first line of defense because they provide a physical barrier to limit chances of infection.
  3. Vitamin C is a known antiviral and can be taken in relatively large quantities with no harmful effects.

Thus, Guardian CCS was developed to reinforce the body's natural defenses in the nose and sinuses - the primary point of entry - and capitalize on the virucidal properties of Vitamin C to further prevent infection. A nasal mist was chosen as the most effective form in order to thoroughly and evenly distribute the formula throughout the endangered nasal and sinus tissues.

Hazards of Exposure

In the earliest phase of exposure to the COVID-19 coronavirus, the nasal passages and sinuses are the most accessible and vulnerable to the adherent virus-laden droplets in the lining of the nasal passages. Symptoms of nasal infection might present as nasal congestion, sneezing, mild rhinorrhea, post nasal drip, or recent anosmia.

If NOT controlled and inactivated in the nose and sinuses, the coronavirus can advance into the throat where it may be swallowed and digested, and ultimately be destroyed in the GI tract. However, if COVID-19 survives to reach the lower airway of the respiratory tract, invading the lining of the lungs, the critical flow of oxygen is compromised with potentially fatal results.

A Prophylactic Answer

Guardian CoronaCidal Shield (2020) is a drug free, high potency anti-viral nasal mist. Contained in a pump bottle, this novel, virucidal product sprays into a mist to integrate with the virus, preventing it from infiltrating the mucus lining of the upper respiratory tract, and combatting viral and bacterial infections (such as atrophic rhinitis) in the early stages.

If Guardian CoronaCidal Shield is applied before exposure, or before the virus traverses beyond the nasal passages, the anti-viral components immediately act to neutralize the virus and vigorously oppose further infections.

The mist should be used prophylactically to avoid infection following any significant episode of public exposure (ex: standing in a crowded line or sharing public transit with possible infected patients, or any situation where maintaining a 6ft distance is not possible), immediately after returning from the situation of possible social contamination, and at least twice daily over the next 2 to 3 weeks.

NOTE: Guardian CoronaCidal Shield is specially formulated for the prophylactic prevention and treatment of infections, such as COVID-19. The essential vitamins and nutrients contained within have been formulated to prevent infection primarily within the nasal passages of the upper airway.

It remains imperative to follow all safety and social distancing instructions, and continue to use sterile wipes and sanitizer wherever the risk of contact exposure is great (ex: when returning home, on the steering wheel of one’s car, or the handle of a shopping cart).

If exhibiting any symptoms (change in the sense of smell, sneezing, nasal congestion, coughing, etc.), it is also recommended to have a Nasal Swab for COVID-19 performed at the closest available center, hospital, or emergency room. 

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